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Featured Book:

SEAMUS MCGRAW (Random House)

“Deeply personal, sometimes moving, sometimes funny, The End of Country lays out the promises and the perils faced not just by the people of one small Pennsylvania town but by our whole nation.” — Robert F. Kennedy, JR.

“The End of Country is an elegantly written and unsettling account of what can happen when big energy companies come calling in rural America. This cautionary tale should be required reading for all those tempted by the calling cards of easy money and precarious peace of mind. The result too often is bitter feuds, broken dreams, and a shattered landscape.” —Tom Brokaw

“This is an environmental tale on the surface, yet something more powerful lurks beneath the soil of this wonderful book. Seamus McGraw is really writing about the enduring complexities and contradictions of the U.S. He goes beyond the easy stereotypes of greedy promoters preying on farmers and gives us the unvarnished truth about a twenty-first-century energy rush in a place we never expected it. This is a tale told with heart, gusto, close observation, and sly humor – truly a remarkable memoir.” — Tom Zoellner, author of The Heartless Stone.

About the Author:
Seamus McGraw, writer and journalist who has had his work published in Playboy, Spin, Readers Digest, Penthouse, Radar, and The Forward. He received the Freedom of Information Award from the Associated Press Managing Editors, as well as honors from the Casey Foundation, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Seamus lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and four children.

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